The Hideout Golf Club is located on Lake Brownwood in the Heart of Central Texas, situated on rolling terrain and dotted with numerous lakes and ponds.

The course is another brilliant design by Bill Johnston of Phoenix, Arizona. We will describe many of his trademarks, while giving a hole-by-hole design of this scenic, yet playable, golf course. The best design description of a Johnston design is its naturalness. Bill seems to make a course meld its way through the trees and around the water, in a comfortable match with the natural terrain.

Nothing is contrived and it does remind one of older designs that have withstood the challenge of time, and yet have maintained their excellence. He keeps all levels of golfers in mind; He is aware of the skills of a premier golfer like himself, or the amateur, who he knows keeps the game of golf alive. A course without gimmicks or hidden surprises, this resort course is a true challenge for the low handicapper and fun for all who will be privileged to play the Hideout.